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APRIL 2018

Posted on: April 29th, 2018 by Jessicah No Comments

Hey Everyone

A very busy couple of weeks have flown by since my last blog.

The most obvious and exciting thing that has passed has been the Commonwealth Games. A very exciting 11 days of competition all around. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Australia dominate, not only in the pool but in all other sports too.

We have been glued to the TV watching all the different sports and now I’m not too sure what I’ll watch on TV. I was fortunate enough to make it down to the Diving Finals on the 14th. I got to see the Womens 3m Springboard where Madison Keeney won a silver medal narrowly missing the gold by .5  a point and the Mens 10m Platform with a nail biting finish by Domonic Bedggood to win the Gold. An amazing performance by Australia all around and spectacular to watch. It definitely made me sad that I couldn’t be there to compete with them as it bought back so many memories.

I was fortunate to be involved also with the Queens Baton Relay. I got to run a leg of the relay on Sunday 1st April at Beenleigh. That was a very exciting experience and awe inspiring to hear the stories of the amazing members of our communities that also got to participate.


The School holidays have been and gone now too. We managed to get some vacation time and flew up to Cairns and then drove down to Innisfail to visit Brett’s family. We got to stay up there for a couple days, catching up with family and friends and having a great time. It was Robbie and Charlies first plane trip since they were both very young and they loved it and handled the travelling really well (thankfully – lol).


Also over the holidays we got to go to a Broncos home game and were very lucky to be invited on a tour through the new Broncos training facility. It is absolutely amazing and state of the art. They are very lucky.  Robbie is back at school now and Charlie at  Junior Kindy and they were both excited to start back and see their friends.

I know it is a little belated but i hope everyone had a very Happy Easter and got to spend time relaxing with friends and family and eating a little choccie 🙂

Well that’s it again for now

See ya

MARCH 2018

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Hi Everyone

Well it’s exciting to be back online after taking a couple years off while our two little boys were so young and took up all my time.

It has been a crazy couple of years post retirement after the London Olympics in 2012 with the birth of our eldest son Robert in May 2013 and our youngest son Charles in May 2015. It took me quite a long time to find my feet once I finished swimming. Trying to wrap my head around motherhood and decide what I wanted to do post swimming.

I knew I always wanted to be involved with Swimming somehow after I retired as it has been a massive part of my life, but I didn’t know for sure in what capacity. I tried coaching and found that that wasn’t for me. I am very happy to say that when I was pregnant with Robert, Swimming Queensland offered me a job in Junior Development. A new program they were launching called the Junior Dolphin Program (now know as the Optus Junior Dolphin Program) which of course, I jumped at the chance to be involved in. Swimming Queensland were amazing and let me work from home after the bub arrived (and the second bub too). The program itself piloted in Queensland for 3 years before it became a national program. It has been amazing and eye opening to see what goes on behind the scenes in the swimming world and I’ve realised a passion for Junior Development. It has been awesome to see and help the program grow. I’ve been very fortunate with the program to be able to go to Swim Clubs and Schools to give talks and do Clinics which is something I enjoy doing immensely as I get to share my story and any tips I can.

Once Charlie was a bit older and I had more of a routine down I also started working in Swimming Queensland’s Swim Shop (located in the reception area at the Sleeman Centre). This wasn’t an avenue I thought I’d ever be interested in but gave it a go as I had spent many years putting racing suits on and using training gear so I felt like I had insider knowledge. To be honest the the years of first hand experience have come in handy and it’s easy to be able to help people through the process of choosing suit or training equipment or togs. Again an eye opener is what’s involved in running a retail business and the process behind every action. It has been great to be able to expand my learning down this path as well and i’m very proud of our shop.

Now of course I have to mention my babies (no matter how big they get they will always be my babies). Being a mum has been the biggest learning curve of all. Who knew that all the stories you hear about kids and about having kids are true haha. What took me by surprise the most though, even after hearing the stories, was how deep and irrevocable the love for them is. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for those two little monsters!

Robert is so much like his dad with his quiet manner and quick learning and Charlie so brave and confident, willing to give anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) a go. They are both so happy and full of love and excitement. I’m sure there will be many stories I get to share with you in the future about them both and I look forward to it.

With the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games just around the corner I cannot wait to watch all the action and support our Aussies battling for gold!! I had the privilege of taking part in the Queens Baton Relay which was an absolute honor and amazing experience which has me really excited for the opening ceremony in the coming days!!

Thanks for tuning back in to my blog. I hope to keep it updated often with our adventures and what’s been happening




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