About Jessicah Schipper

About-Jess-01You would be hard pressed to find anyone living in the limelight who is more down-to-earth or genuine than Australian world-champion swimmer, Jessicah Schipper.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Queensland, Jess is one of five children – she has an older sister and three younger brothers who are triplets. As you might expect, life in those early days in the Schipper household was very hectic, but Jess’ parents always made the time to support their children as they each followed their own dream.

In Jess’ case, her dream to swim has led her to achieve:

  • World Record Holder (200m Butterfly long course)
  • World Record Holder (100m Butterfly short course)
  • Commonwealth Record Holder (200m Butterfly short course)
  • Commonwealth Record Holder (100m Butterfly long course)
  • World Champion 2005 (100m Butterfly)About-Jess-02
  • World Champion 2007 & 2009 (200m Butterfly)
  • Bronze Medal 100m Butterfly 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Bronze Medal 200m Butterfly 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Gold Medal (World Record) 4 x 100m Medley Relay 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

See Jess’ career to date in pictures in her gallery.

Jess could swim by age two. She was awarded her first medal as a six year old, was competing in the state titles at 11 and the age nationals at 13. In the early days she did swim freestyle but soon realised that her real talents were with butterfly. She grew up watching everyone’s sweetheart Suzie O’Neill achieving well in the pool; Jess looked up to Suzie and used her as her inspiration.

About-Jess-03Today Jess trains under Stephan Widmer at the Chandler Aquatic Centre in Brisbane. Over the years she has also trained under John Dempsey and Ken Wood. All three of her coaches have been instrumental in her success.

When Jess is not training she’s working – she spends two days each work working as a receptionist for a Brisbane-based physiotherapist. She also works with her sponsors and supporters and for her charities.

About-Jess-04When time permits, you’ll find Jess at home relaxing with her husband, Brett Gillan, and their three dogs, two Alaskan Malamutes, Raffa and Locky, and one Labrador, Kiani. Jess and Brett married in October 2010 after a two-year romance. They first met when Jess was out running and Brett was walking his dogs. Turns out they’d lived three blocks away from each other for almost all of their lives!

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