May 2011

Hello to you all

I can’t believe it is over one month since I wrote to you all last. The time is flying by. I’ve had a few commitments this month, and they, along with my work and my training are keeping me very busy—I guess that is a good thing.

I’ve been to a couple of trophy nights as the guest speaker/presenter. I enjoy going to the end of year celebrations. Hearing about the swimmers achievements over the past season is always interesting and brings back some great memories from my Club Days.

I did an appearance on “Weekend Today” this month down on the Gold Coast. We were doing an interview on the merits of exercise and nutritional eating. It was very interesting and there are always lots of fun people who assemble behind the scenes when you do an outside broadcast. Haha heaps of fun.

Talking about outside broadcasts and all things sporty. How awesome was the State of Origin football match in Brisbane this week. Sorry if you are not a footy fan but following my Brisbane Broncos and my fantastic QUEENSLAND State of Origin Team is one of my passions so


Well done on your fabulous game and fingers crossed you do even better in three weeks time at Game 2 down in Sydney.

I’ve been back at work again. There is plenty for me to do there. I’m not complaining though. I have a good job and the people I work with are great.

I’ve been trying to catch up with a few friends and family because I am zooming off in 4 days time, leaving winter behind (YAHOO) and heading to the northern hemisphere and some beautiful warm weather. I am competing in the Mare Nostrum again. I have done this European Competition a few times now. It is a hectic 2 week schedule doing three meets in three different countries—Spain, France and Monaco. I love the race experience which is the main reason I swim—I love competing … but the travel is gruelling. O well hopefully all will go well and once I get back I will be flying down to chilly South Australia for the Australian Short Course Meet in Adelaide at the beginning of July. So for me … it’s bye bye Australian winter and hello warm European summer for a little while anyway 

I’ll write again next month

Bye for now

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