June 2011

Hi to you all

I’ve been busy this month and zooming all over the world. I had the Mare Nostrum Tour in Europe to swim at which was a good bit of race practice for me and it was summer over there as well so it wasn’t hard to take.

I had heard you were all freezing over here with a winter chill that was covering the east coast of Australia so when it was time to come back I braced myself for the cold.

I left Brisbane the day before my Dad’s birthday and had an 8 hour flight over to Singapore. It wasn’t too bad. I watched a couple of movies in between meals. We had a 3 hour stopover in Singapore and then boarded the plane for the huge part of our journey. A 14 hour and 20 minute flight to Barcelona, Spain which actually turned into a 15hr 20min flight because we stopped in Milan, Italy for one hour. It was pretty boring because we weren’t allowed off the plane so we just sat in the plane on the tarmac in Milan for one hour doing nothing. We finally arrived in Barcelona in the morning the day after we left Australia.

Thank goodness we had a couple of days to get over our jet-lag before competition started. I swam in the 50m, 100m & 200m butterfly in Barcelona. I didn’t do that great in my races in Barcelona. My times were way off my personal best times but I was competing while still training for Shanghai which is coming up very soon now. After competition finished in Barcelona …

We all jumped on a bus for a three hour trip and arrived in Canet en Roussillon, France ready to start competing in the 2nd leg of the meet the next day. I swam a little better in France, than I did in Spain (thank heavens) … but my times were still fairly ordinary. 3rd in the 100m & 200m fly and 14th in the 50m. Hhhmmmm. Fingers crossed for better results in Monaco.

The next day we flew to Nice and then had a 10km trip to beautiful Monaco.

I did okay in Monaco but was glad when the competition was finally over. They have a knock out “round robin” in the 50m fly in Monaco. I only got through to the second round before I got knocked out. But then, I came 2nd in the 200m and 3rd in 200m and that was the end of the swimming for this trip. YAY

After the competition had finished the team was invited to dinner with Prince Albert of Monaco. So after competition finally finished we all hurried back to our hotel, got dressed up and went to the palace for a night out. Prince Albert must have been busy because he didn’t turn up until really late and then only stayed for the pre dinner session. Then when he left we were all ushered in for dinner.

The next day it was time to go. We made our way back to Nice, then after an hour and a half flight arrived in Frankfurt. We had an hour and a half wait for our connecting flight to Singapore and 12 hours later we arrived in Singapore. 3 hours later we finally boarded the plane for the last leg of our journey — the 7½hrs flight back home. I arrived early in the morning & it was freezing—just like I had heard. 8 degrees bbbrrrrrrrrrrr

I head off soon to go to Adelaide for the Short Course … if the planes are flying down there that is. Wow!!! what a turmoil that volcano in Chile has created. So fingers crossed everything goes well between now and then. It starts on 01.07.11 and goes for three days.

Hopefully you are all managing to keep warm somehow …

Until next month,

Bye for now

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