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April 2011

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Hi Everyone

I have been back home from Sydney for a little while now, but have been pretty busy since then. I have been selected on the World Championship Team, so I am very happy about that.

This will be my 5th World Champs:

  • 2003 when I was 16 we went to Barcelona, Spain,
    and I swam in the 100 & 200 butterfly,
    and the medley relay,
    and came home with a bronze medal;
  • 2005 when I was 18 we went to Montreal, Canada,
    and I swam in the 100 & 200 butterfly,
    and the medley relay,
    and came home with three gold medals;
  • 2007 when I was 20 we went to Melbourne, Australia,
    and I swam in the 100 & 200 butterfly,
    and the medley relay,
    and came home with 2 golds and a silver medal;
  • 2009 when I was 22 we went to Rome, Italy,
    and I swam in the 100 & 200 butterfly,
    and the medley relay,
    and came home with 1 gold and 2 silver medals;
  • 2011 this year I am 24 and will be heading off to Shanghai, China,
    to swim my butterfly again,and hopefully come home with more medals again.

I was over in New Zealand last week where I helped out with some fundraising for the Christchurch Earthquake victims. I hope anything we did can help someone somewhere.

Next week, I will be zooming off yet again to north Queensland where I hope the weather is warm and dry. I have heard that there has been so much rain in North Queensland … lucky I can swim well. I will be visiting swimming clubs and doing some clinics with them and having brekky / lunch with them all. Should be heaps of fun.

Then at the end of June the short course championships are on in Adelaide. They have a brand new pool down there so it will be good to see how it looks and how it feels swimming at the new complex. BUT I know it will be cool. There is nothing between South Australia and the South Pole so the wind will just blow up from down there and chill us all down.

So that’s the next couple of months mapped out for me. Lucky I love swimming and I don’t mind at all (except maybe the early mornings on cold winter days) … Oh well.

Will keep in touch … hope the Easter bunny comes to you all

Bye for now

March 2011

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Hi Everyone

Well I’ve been kind of busy this month. Lots of training in the lead up to the World Championships Selection Trials and I have been back at work again.

Since I wrote to you last month, apart from the training and work, I have done quite a few talks at schools and footy clubs.

I am also an ambassador for the Leukaemia Foundation and the Shave for a Cure is currently happening. I went to the Caboolture Branch this month and helped out where I could. I was asked to shave a very brave little girl’s long blonde hair off completely. She is 9 years old and has done a fantastic job so far raising in excess of $2500. I think this is an awesome contribution from her and I think she is so, so brave to have her beautiful hair shaved off as her support to this fundraising activity.
Well done. You should be very proud of yourself.

Well, I head off to Sydney next week for the trials. They start on Friday 1st April and I will be swimming my usual 50, 100 & 200 butterfly swims.

I have worked really hard at training and gym fine tuning my stroke and all that goes with it.

So fingers crossed for some amazing swims down in Sydney.

Bye for now

February 2011

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Hello again!!

Sorry for being late this month. I have had a pretty hectic February.

Well there are only 28 days to go until the World Championship Selection Trials. I have been working hard at training fixing all the small things that need to be seen to, as well as doing the “hard yards” that I have to put in twice a day, every day. I’m looking forward to ‘taper’ which is where you still do quality training but less quantity.

I have just come back from a 2 week training camp, where we did some hard work away from our normal routine. We stayed at a beach on the Sunshine Coast and it was lovely accommodation. We travelled to the pool each day twice a day then came home for team meetings and dry land work outs.

I haven’t swum at a swim meet since the Qld State Championships back in December so I am looking forward to competing in Sydney next month to see how all my hard work pans out.

I have been to the movies a couple of times this month. I love going to the movies. It is my way of relaxing and getting away from the training part of my life.

I have also been zooming around the state visiting different Swimming Clubs. Just before we went on camp I zoomed up to Mackay and had a very enjoyable visit up there.

The people in Toowoomba were also very friendly when I had a couple of days up there this month as well.

I’ll make my best effort to write again before I head off to Sydney to compete in the World Championships Selection Trials.

Bye for now

January 2011

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Hi again

I hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve and that January has been kind to you and you’ve started 2011 on a good note.

It hasn’t been all that good here in Queensland. But I am sure you would have all heard about the floods and rain up here so I won’t go into the gory details, apart from saying we were all safe and sound at my place. Thanks to all those of you who expressed your concern and asked after me and my family 

Since I wrote last, I have been a little bit busy. I have been to a friend’s 21st, I’ve visited a swim club, been part of fund raising days trying to help raise funds for the flood victims, actually did a bit towards helping out with the floods and have been doing lots of training but that’s about it. I only got Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off from training so there has been a lot of hard work there. There are just less than 10 weeks until the World Championship Selection Trial now, so everyone’s training should be focused on those trials.

I haven’t gone back to work (yet). I am still on a break from there  So that has given me heaps of time to read the books I got for Christmas. I LOVE to read. I have seen a few movies as well and one of the movies I saw was quite good, but it finished “up in the air” so I have had to get the series of books because I have to know what happens  I am reading away madly now. 7 books and 3 chronicles—YAY!!!

My dogs at home (at my family home)—Meg and Lexie—had their hair shaved this month. They look so funny when they have their hair cut. They are Cocker Spaniels and normally have lots of golden, woolly, curly hair on their bodies and floppy ears, so when they get their hair shaved off they make me laugh. I bet they feel better and much cooler though.

JLE-ozflagMy triplet brothers have their birthday the day after Australia Day so we will be celebrating that on Australia Day. Happy AUSTRALIA Day to you all.

Oh well, not much else to tell you about this month

Hopefully, February might be a little more interesting 

Bye for now

December 2010

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JLE_christmas_treeI hope you all have a terrific Christmas and I hope you all have a great New Years and a fabulous 2011.

Well Christmas will be here in a matter of days. I can’t believe how fast it came around again this year. I guess it is because I had such a huge and busy year with so much happening.

Well I swam at my first competition since the India Commonwealth Games. The Queensland State Championships were on at Chandler. I had a huge break after the Commonwealth Games and I had only been back at training full time for three weeks so I didn’t do very well. I only swam in the 100 & 200 fly this time and won a SILVER and a BRONZE, but it was all good race practice and it is always great to be part of the competition atmosphere at Chandler and see all the Queensland swimmers waiting with anticipation for their races and seeing how happy they are when they have finished.

I’ve also had my birthday since I wrote to you last. I got some really cool presents and I went out for lunch with my huge family then had a bit of a party at home and it was great to catch up with my friends and just chill out and relax.

Apart from training and working, I’ve done a bit of sponsor stuff as well. So doing all that has kept me busy and out of trouble and that’s good.

Well, like I said Christmas will be here next week and I’ve been a good girl so hopefully Santa will give me some nice presents.

Season’s Greetings to you all and I wish you all the best for 2011

Happy holidays and STAY SAFE

Bye for now

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